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Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27517
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My husband and I have enjoyed living in the Chapel Hill area. During the last twenty years we have worked in Real Estate - appraisal, sales, and development. We have seen the entire Research Triangle Park Region grow into one of the nation’s premiere high tech areas.

We have always has rental property and a desire to provide special places for special people to stay! When we travel with our children, we always seek out comfortable alternative accommodations at affordable prices. This is what we provide our guests.

How Suite It Is is more than just great accommodations -- it is personalized service. We'll try to provide you with most any need you could have. Need a crib? No problem. We'll even round up some bicycles for you and the family! Just tell us what you need, and we'll be there. We even have suites for pet owners. We are understanding, and we really enjoy helping folks with special needs.

Let us surprise you with our service!!

We hope you'll call us when your travel or relocation plans bring you to the Triangle.

All you need are your clothes, and we'll be your home away from home -- How Suite It Is!