Nina McPhaul
1709 Legion Road, Suite 215
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27517
Phone: 919-923-6787
Fax: 919-929-8442
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Suite living comes without the headaches of "hook-up, deposits, and repairs"! Our guests have enjoyed attending special events such as: graduations; games; class and family reunions; shopping; theatre; AND "honeymooning" in the area.

In this day of HMO ambulatory surgery the need to leave the hospital but not the area has never been greater. Access to extended rehabilitation care is made less stressful by staying nearby.

Visits to the area have provided valuable information for those considering relocation. Others have found the suites to be a haven from "household tragedies" including redecoration, fire and water damage. The suites have also served as a solution for house guest and in-law visits.